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Boston Bombing

After the bombing of the Boston Marathon and seeing the hurt and pain people were put through, I wonder why these young boys really did that?!  Why so much hate could grow in two beautiful people.  The older one has left a greiving family. For what? He has a widow and child. Both of the bombers have a mother and father and other relatives.  There is pain on every front and why?  This I do not understand. Why such hatred.  There are people in this world who do not believe a certain way, but killing people in the name of one's religion is not the way to bring people into the fold of your religion.  I am a mother.  I cannot believe the horror of losing one's loved one to a senseless act such as the Boston bombing.  Also, my being a mother, I am feeling sorrow for the mother of the boys who did the act of murder. What she must feel as their mother. How horrible to have your sons' legacy in life to be that of the Boston Bombers who killed and maimed so many for WHAT?! What is this religion which causes people to turn from honest working people in a society and makes them turn to such hatred?! I am sad with misunderstanding and not knowing why it was done. 

Made in the USA

Wal-Mart is a cancer.  They must be stopped.  They make the clothing a lot of people wear in other countries. If not China, then Bangladesh.  We know about two fires in two plants in two days.  These workers were locked inside these buildings with no way out!  To burn to death!  I am sure Wal-Mart is not the only company to do this.  I have checked and Ralph Lauren is all made in China.  The shoe called Schetchers (sic) is made in China.  Rockport shoes are not made in the USA.  Easy Sprit is not made here.  I have checked these things out.  Unless she has changed Paula Deen's line of dishes and cookware is made in China.  When I go out, I LOOK.  Open your eyes.  China is buying US!!!!  Bit by bit they will own the USA and it is the big corporations fault!!!!  Boy-cott anything not made in the States.  Stop this greedy money grabbing by the already filthy rich corporation owners who do not care that people are locked in the plants making their clothes and shoes.  Get with the movement!  Buy made in the USA!!!!!

My Love is Like a Red, Red, Rose

It sits alone, given hardly a passing glance, only by chance still alive.  Still at the same apartment door, but enlivened by other boarders now.  Sometimes watered, most times not.   Planted by the new bride's hand's in a huge pot.  Once given all the fertilizer and love it needed.  That was then, when love was new and the groom had given his "dream girl" his dying love.  He gave a live rose bush.  He always brought her bouquets of cut flowers for vases, but his "dream girl" was sad to throw them out, after so short a time, wilted and dead.   So he gave the best of his heart, in a red, deep red, rose bush.  With all the tender care the bride, his "dream girl", gave the lucky rose, it bloomed profusely.  Red blossum upon red blossum.  She would carefully clip any part which might be diseased and of course she popped off the dead heads of the blooms as her mother had taught her.  The rose bush thrived into the winter and the next spring bloomed more gloriously than ever.  The couple welcomed their new baby boy into the door by which the wildly blooming rose stood, at attention, in June.  It was as though the rose knew something most precious passed by it's beautiful blooms with it's controversial prickers.

Now, four years later, it sits sadly, off to the side, as though forgotten.  It blooms in spring, then again around the baby's birth.  It blooms as if to reinforce the day upon which the young couple brought their young "prince" into the apartment.

While the rose struggles to live and give joy to it's new residents, the young happy couple turned into a sad, lost and lonely, couple.  They were a threesome and the little "prince" thrived with the Grampies' and Grammies' love.  The little boy grew and they moved to a new job, new apartment a couple of times.  That's when they thought they had it "right".  Then, without worning, the new bride, who was now a mother and not a "new bride" any longer, developed a small black spot in the deep love she had once had with her groom.   This black spot was not unlike the dreaded "black-spot" which develops from time to time in roses.  The joyful couplings came less often and with less joy.  The baby boy, was now a toddler and then not a toddler and into all his hands could reach.  For that is how children learn, by trial and error and curiosoty.  It maddened the young woman, who still had that black spot in her heart where the love for her husband was slowly dying, but still the black spot grew.  The little boy saw his world breaking.  He, of course did not know what to do.  His  Mommie and Daddy were turned from each other and in so doing they turned from him.  His warm, solid little world was ending.  His mother would put him in his playroom and leave him to watch for the one hundredth time, a child's movie.  His little fists would bang on the door, screaming "Mommie, come get me!  Movie's 'frew!!!  Mommie!!!  Now!!!!"  Then he would bang his toys around and sit among them and try to talk with them.  His arguing parents seemed never to want to talk with him anymore.  What had happened to his world?  He received scoldings he did not deserve, nor need.  He needed kisses and laughter and tickles and hugs.

However, back at the first apartment by door which someone else came home to now, the rose's petals, yes, it's very leaves, as though with each little fist beat on the child's playroom door, would yellow and fall until it was bare of it's petals and leaves much too early in the season.  Then the new occupants would say, perhaps this rose needs water.  They would water it.  But, little did they know, the little boy's tears watered the rose's soul from far down the road.  As though it were the curtain in the Temple, each time the child cried out for what was not to be, and was yet to come, the rose tore a little inside, feeling the boy's anxious heart breaking.  The little boy's world was completely gone now, but he was back at the place he first came home to, living for "a while" with his grandparents.  He cried for his Mommie and Daddy.  He had screaming fits.  He had no other way to express his loss.  The loss was great.  The only world he had ever known was gone, lost, never to be again.  He was told over and over that when Mommie finds a new home and Daddy finds another new place to live, you will go home.  He could not believe this.  How could he?  Everything in his three year old life had already turned out to be a lie, so why should this be true.   However, down by the apartment door, the rose came to life and bloomed furiously growing taller as though in an effort to reach the little boy up stairs and say, "I remember you.  I remember the first love.  I was here when you walked into the door beside me.  I love you."  His grandmother would walk with him by that door and tell him that was Mommie's rose.  Grandmother, however, did not share all the rose's secrets with the boy.  She had watched and seen, but could not tell the rose's story.  But the rose tried to tell the little boy just how much he was loved.  During that summer, the rose bloomed as never before.  The little boy would ask, "Mommie 'wose buss?"  "Yes", the grandmother would say.  Together the little boy and the bush began to grow.  Then, the day came when the little boy left his grandmother and grandfather's to go to his new home with Mommie and to see, often, his Daddy, in Daddie's new place.  The rose was alone again, torn by another gash of loss within it's growing, but pot-bound home.  The rose tried hard to hear the little boy.  The rose pulled up higher when the wind blew, to try and hear the boy upon the wind.  The boy came to visit often.  During those times, even when dormant and asleep, the rose would dream it heard the little boy.  The rose did hear him, often.  The boy was still hurting and acting out.  At times the little boy would become violent and hit whatever or whomever was near.  At those times, the rose tore a little inside.  The rose tried to let the little boy know that all was not lost.  The rose thought that if it could shake off the huge pot in which it was planted, maybe it's roots could somehow grow to the boy and let him know that love was still available.  All was not lost.  Finally, the litle boy seemed to understand a little and then a lot, that he was loved, loved by many.  Perhaps the rose had done it's job at last.  The little boy began to be better able to communicate and receive answers which he more understood and at last, the rose felt the rips, and  tears in it's insides begin to heal.  Though still confined to it's base, the rose bloomed gloriously in the spring of the little boy's fourth year.  As the little boy's grandmother passed the rose on the week of the little boy's fourth birthday, she noticed, that though, the blooms were gone and dead-headed by none other than herself, new growth was coming out all over the rose, for, afterall, this was the week of the little boy's fourth birthday.  The rose must do it's "prince"  proud.  And the rose did do it's prince proud.  The gnarled old bush would burst forth with new blooms for it's "prince", right on time, as usual.  You see, love is like unto a red, red rose. 

A Favorite Quote

"When the Power of Love Overcomes the Love of Power, the World Will Know Peace." 

Jimi Hendrix. Yes.  That Jimi Hendrix. 

What do you do?

What does one do when something happens in one's marriage that allegoricaly knocks one off one's feet?  It humiliates and makes ME feel ashamed.  I am going through something right now that I cannot speak about, even though we are anonyomous in this forum.  I am so shocked.  I never thought this would happen.  Thanks, Callalilly 


I am so lonely.  I love my husband, and could never leave, even though I day-dream of going somewhere and doing something good for someone.  I have too many animals who depend on me for love, food, and care.  I have 7 dogs and 2 new half-grown kittens.  I love them all and could never leave them.  I stay home and cannot work due to some health problems.  I do not receive disability in any form.  My meds cost a fortune.  So do my husband's.  My children all live away except one son and his girlfriend.  They just had a baby.  Long story.  It has been so hot here that my gardening has not been as it should have been.  I mean flowers when I say gardening.  I have tomatoes, but nothing else this year but flowers and plants.  I love my grandchildren, but do not get to see them as often as I wish.  My daughter's little boy is a dream.  She kind of gets on my nerves, but I love that little boy.  I get on her nerves too.  I thought by now that would have dissapated and gone the way of blue hair, but I guess it hangs on.  My oldest son, 30 and his wife and cats moved to Ann Arbor, MI two or three weeks ago.  She's a writer (she really is a writer.  I won't give her name as this is just my blathering) and both have taught at two different universities.  My son was 2 years into his doctorate and decided he no longer wanted to go in the direction he'd headed and wanted to be a lawyer like my husband, his step-father.  Don't even ask about his biological Dad.  It's a mess and would take a year and one-half to tell it.  So, he went with the law school that gave him the most money in schlorship money.  Of course, who would not?  I'm very tired and lonely.  Need to get the dogs situated.  Thanks for letting me blow off steam.  Callalilly

Unecessary Killing

Today I read that Maryland's Mayor had been slammed around due to a package of MJ being laid on his doorstep.  As I get it the guy would {Fed EX} would drop a package and a few minutes later another guy would come by and pick it up.  The mayor unforuately came home and was undressing and in they burst-swat team-I guess.  But......they killed the family's dogs.  Why?  What type dogs were they?  Did they pose a threat to anyone?  And why should they NOT pose a threat?  This was what they were supposed to do.  They were supposed to protect their masters from harm.  All the talk groups say that this Nation has gone mad.  I agree and I am afraid that our country will be gone and be turned into something else very soon.  I am afraid.  I have 7 dogs outside most of the time.  I would rather take a shot than have them shot.  They are my friends, protectors, and I love them.  Callalilly


I don't think this room can handle my black thoughts.  I have a deeply dark side.  At times it sneaks out.  Every so often it over rides my will and during those times I have written the best selling items I have ever written.  I think that we must hurt and be hurt by society before we can write from the heart.  I have had so many deliterious experiences it is amazing.  Live long enough and feel the pain.  Yes, I have tried suicide.  Not comfortable.  The first time was as a teen and the b    h that was supposed to "help" me gave me epicac and called me a bitch and whore, even though that had nothing to do with my trying to end my life.  I've lived through enough crap to gag a pig.  I'm sure you all have.  That is why we talk to faceless people.  We are afraid of personal contact.  We've been hurt by society and this is the closest we want to get to a human.  I love my dogs and cat.  They bring me unconditional comfort.  They do not care about anything other than I am good to them and they are good to me.  Yes, I rescue.  Most of them are damaged goods, as are we all.  I take them in and show them that there is someone who won't hurt them, and feed them, and tell them they are good.  I use "The Dog Wisperer's" advice on how to treat them.  He is good.  I hate to see a child or an animal thrown out and disrespected.  I need to go.  The wolf is my logo for a reason.  I love wolves.  There are a lot around here.  They don't let you see them often, but they are majestic.  My sign on is Callalilly because it is my favorite flower.  Believe me, I am no wus.  Bye for now.  See you all later.  I have to go through this down trip for now.  Bye, Callalilly 

Been gone a while

I have been gone a while.  Everything has been happening to us.  I have been sick for a while.  I do not like talking about it, as I feel extremely private.  However, my daughter's son was one year old on June 12.  She had his party at a park in Greenville, SC and my ex and his girlfriend and daughter were there.  All went well.   My other grandson is three, will be four on July 22 and we all had the greatest time.  All our children, but one was there.  We have 4.  His and mine, but we quit doing that years ago.  They are my children.  I raised them since 1992 and they saw their Mom intermittenly in between childhood and adulthood.  She sees them now quite a bit as adults.  She dosen't do well with children.  That's why we had them.  Nasty court case.  The birthday party was great.  Judah, the one year old, tasted his first sweet stuff (his cake) outside of yogurt and cereal with fruit, for the first time.  As is true with most of us, he does have quite the sweet tooth.  He is walking now and my daughter cannot look away.  He is more active and rowdy than Max, my first grandson.  The son who could not come to the party has a pregnant girlfriend who has a two year old.  Well, we tried to teach sexual responsibility, guess it just happened.  I hope they love each other.  She is very young-19 to his 25.  Well, enough about me.  Someone write to me about their experiences.  Sincerely, Callalilly

Bacon Bombs

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I suppose it's sad when one turns to a computer to have friends.  Faceless people who live unknown lives.  However, I have no friends, other than the "Hi, How are you", type.  My children live away. I have 3 sons and 1 daughter.  Two of my sons are my "step-sons", but I love them. It was hard at first, but that's another story.  My daughter lives in South Carolina, married, one 11 month old little boy.  He's so sweet.  One of my sons bought a home in Knoxville and has a good job at a mortgage company with his wife.  They have a 3, almost 4 year old boy.  I don't know that child as well as the other one.  He's a sweet, sweet child and I love him.  My oldest son was 2 years into his Doctorate at the University of Tennessee and decided he did not want to teach "Old English" the rest of his life.  Bless him, he came to me and asked me if I would be dissapointed if he changed careers.  Of course I would not.  He must live his life as he sees fit.  He wanted to go into law.  I am afraid he is a little idealistic.  He wants to do something which matters and that is "right".  So at the end of July he and his wife and three cats are moving to Ann Arbor, Michigan.  I am planning on riding up and helping some and then flying back, if the plane doesn't fall apart-God forbid. I will miss them, but they must do what they must do.  My daughter-in-law is a writer.  She left teaching at UT to devote more time to writing.  I have a husband.  He works and is gone a lot.  We've been married 20 years.  My passion is helping animals and saving them from sadistic owners.  I will go and write again later.  Thanks, Callalilly

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