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Wal-Mart is a cancer.  They must be stopped.  They make the clothing a lot of people wear in other countries. If not China, then Bangladesh.  We know about two fires in two plants in two days.  These workers were locked inside these buildings with no way out!  To burn to death!  I am sure Wal-Mart is not the only company to do this.  I have checked and Ralph Lauren is all made in China.  The shoe called Schetchers (sic) is made in China.  Rockport shoes are not made in the USA.  Easy Sprit is not made here.  I have checked these things out.  Unless she has changed Paula Deen's line of dishes and cookware is made in China.  When I go out, I LOOK.  Open your eyes.  China is buying US!!!!  Bit by bit they will own the USA and it is the big corporations fault!!!!  Boy-cott anything not made in the States.  Stop this greedy money grabbing by the already filthy rich corporation owners who do not care that people are locked in the plants making their clothes and shoes.  Get with the movement!  Buy made in the USA!!!!!

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